Acting Classes



Core Classes

Acting for the Camera
This class is available for new students to try as a free class.

This class will teach the student how to perform in front of the camera. The student will learn the following skills:

1. Understanding the camera and its

     relationship to the actor.

2. Learn to "play to the camera" without

     being over conscious of it being there.

3. Scene Blocking.

Students will be filmed performing and will be able to watch themselves at the end of class.


Course Days/Times: 

Suspended due to COVID-19

Character Development/ Breaking Down a Scene


One of the most important things an actor can learn is how to properly breakdown a scene.

The course covers such items as:

1. Locating the meaning of the scene.

2. Breaking into a beginning, Middle and end.

3. Finding and understanding transitions in scenes. Such as:

  • Changes in the literal situations

  • Events that affect your character

  • Emotional reactions, subtle and obvious.

  • Finding and understanding beats.

4. Learning to perform a stronger cold read.

Course Days/Times:

Please see Calendar for dates and times

Elective Classes

Acting for Commercials 

In Commercial auditions, the format and the tempo are different than film or TV auditions. In fact, there are varying types of commercial auditions and each one is unique. Some of the different types include humorous, slice of life, spokesperson, etc.

To get good at commercial auditions and to stay good at commercial auditions, you must do them and practice them regularly. 

Course Days/Time

Please see Calendar for Dates 


Improv for the Actor

Improv is the great way for an actor to learn to be more spontaneous and creative in their performances. Through a set of fun exercises and games the actor will learn to listen and react more quickly without worrying about a script. A must for any aspiring actor.


Course Days/Times:

Postponed due to COVID 19

The Business of Acting

In this class the student will learn all about the business side of acting. The following subjects will be covered:

1. Understand the Film Industry.

2. Setting up IMDb,  Actors Access and LA

     Casting Accounts.

3. How to create a resume. 

4. Learning to self-submit for roles.

5. Understand how the Union Works.

Please see Calendar for dates and times

Advanced Classes

Adv Character Development/ Scene breakdown

Think you've got your acting chops down? Ask about this Character Development class. Actors will be challenged at a whole new level to think out their scenes, their characters purpose, meaning and motivation. The student will learn to find and perform the emotional transitions in the scene at a more professional level. 

Course Days/Times:


Please see Calendar for dates and times

Taught by Frank Parrillo


Master's Class

The toughest acting class you'll ever take.

Must have completed Basic and Adv/Character Development and scene breakdown,

Please see Calendar for dates and times

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